Why were comments removed?


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No sure if it was you or another admin who deleted comments.

Why were three comments added to this post http://www.inforum.in/external-auct...mes-barnala-com-colaba-com-kurla-com-etc.html deleted?

This member broke the community rules of this forum by using members ids and email addresses to spam them with information promoting his auctions. Instead of dealing with that by sanctioning the poster you removed the three comments of members requesting that s/he desisted from spamming and closed the thread preventing anyone else from posting but allowing this member to continue to advertise his auction - why is that?

In actual fact you should have removed the post as the poster misused members contact information in promoting it.

I am posting this in the forum because I believe we are entitled to expect that our contact information provided to this forum will not be misused and if it is that appropriate steps are taken.

Please explain why you took the action you did?


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Are you ignoring this issue Jeff?

Interestingly the auction has become a "sticky" - are members email address for sale by Inforum or did URLtrader just crawl though profiles to get them. Why is this forum so actively supporting someone who violated its own "no spamming" rules?
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Im sorry to barge.in but I am personally glad to know that certain domains are for sale - these are all relevant IMO to our niche. Glad to see the email and glad to know that these domains are for sale. Would like to know what those comments are though?


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Indy, you can choose to subscribe to forums and posts if you want to receive new listing and update information from Inforum - this is a capability available on this forum. By subscribing you consent to receiving such email/s from Inforum.

This is a different issue where a member got the profile ids and email addresses of other members and, without their consent, sent them an email advertising their auction - this is spam and against the "no spamming" rules of this forum.

Whether you were happy to get this spam is irrelevant to the issue, which is the member had no entitlement to use other members email addresses without their consent and this forum should have removed the listing as the member contravened its own rules. It didn't do this rather it rewarded the spammer by making the auction a sticky, deleting other member comments on receiving the spam, and closing the thread to prevent others from commenting.


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