Why This Weight Loss Website Ranking So Well?


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I am working on health and weight loss website (of a local clinic in Delhi) but unable to beat this competitor clinic who also provides obesity treatment services. Plz review and let me know what's good he is doing. How can i get better rankings?

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First You make sure your website is not too heavy then go for search engine optimization along with regular social media services. I am sure you will get the ranking in few days.


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there are some week points in this website, so there is opportunity for you outrank it with the quality content supported by Good SEO & Social Media


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This website looks a bit too busy to me - try to avoid that, and apart from optimizing it for search engines, optimize your website for mobile phones, especially having in mind fat fingers. This is now just a coincidence ("fat"), but it is really important nowadays.


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Social media is the best to promote of your websites, and used quality content and backlinks which are improved of ranking, and also used Onpage SEO or optimized your website.


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An unknown aspect of website development is to make sure it downloads quickly. I did an ad hoc analysis for a company whereas the company was losing sales because the website loaded too slowly, and potential customers were going to a competitor. Perhaps you could make monitor download speeds to determine if you're losing any visitors on account of slow download time.
It could be a couple of reasons. Excellent local and global SEO/SMO implementation, good quality content, how many backlinks it has, how many third parties endorse the page, the quantity of people that regularly share Its content throught their personal social media circle etc.


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Your website can become more popular if you put it in the Google search engine. You have to wait a few days after you submit it to allow the pages to be indexed properly. You need to make sure that you have added good descriptions for your pages as well. Thank you for allowing us to review your website. This site is very informative and is very clean.


The answer is more or less simple, great SEO and good quality of contents. Most likely the site gets great results and people recommend it too.
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You need to focus on SEO and quality content if you want to rank highest and get people to share links on social media.


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I think your website looks great! Just keep doing what your doing and I think your rankings will go up. Just be patient!


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There are a lot website, sprouting all over the internet today. I think you are right. Health and wellness is one the leading banners of websites these days. In my humble opinion, people, nowadays, have become more conscious about their health so that they could maintain a healthy lifestyle and , probably, live up to society's standards. Websites about organic farming as well is a new trend.


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Layers and layers of SEO work. It looks like this one has probably paid quite a bit for links. I can do a bit more digging, but even with a few quick searches it is obvious these people have been paying their way to the top! :)


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Analysis you are competitor sites, From which site they are getting back links and rank then you can follow your submission in that websites.
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