which parking company use yahoo feed for parked domains?

A few of my parked domains have been banned at Google.So I am looking for Yahoo feed for those.which parking company use Yahoo feed.
Please enlighten.


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For my google faillisted domains I use domainadvertising.com.

I have 60 domains there, mainly indian domains, and the average RPM was 3 USD in the last 30 days. Some months ago I had better results: 4 USD average RPM and also about 5 USD some months in the last year.

An alternative could be to develop a miniwebsite and use adsense. Generally google faillisted domains are not also banned from adsense program.

In this case the CTR is lower but you can get a better RPC and sometimes more visitors. Anyway the general RPM is quite low for indian traffic, generally from 2 to 5 USD for my indian domains with adsense.
Thank you Mukta for your reply.Unfortunately, domainadvertsing.com doesn't accept members from India.Any other suggestions?


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On another forum I've read that the following companies use Yahoo feed:





(only for .com domains)

In the past I used parkingplace.com and ddc.com.

With parkingplace.com I had not so good RPM. Some good results with DDC.com but their approval process was strict. Now my account with DDC is closed for inactivity (I used them many years ago). I've recontacted them some weeks ago to reactivate my account but I didn't receive an answer, I will retry.

I heard that parklogic is strict in approving users.

Maybe Domainsponsor uses yahoo as secondary provider for google faillisted domains but I'm not sure, I've read this on another forum but I have never heard it before.


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