Which hosting company are you using right now?


I'm looking for a hosting company for a simple blog. I've noticed several popular bloggers recommend Bluehost, but I believe they might be making a commission off those sales. I've read reviews, but they seem to be from people who aren't actually using the hosting company, or they're outdated. Which is why I'm asking which hosting company are you using right now? Are you happy with the service? Have they disappointed you in some way?


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I have been using an un-managed VPS server from GoDaddy for the last 12 years and then I have two other shared hosting accounts with them. For the most part, service has been decent. I would give them a 6 out of 10. Recently I became a reseller for LogicBoxes and their tech support to me has been phenomenal.


I've been using Dreamhost for my family blog and my aunt's photography blog. Everything loads fast enough, even with my aunt's HD picture content. We really aren't high demand clients though with millions of web visitors taxing the resources.


Thank you all for the feedback. I've checked reviews online, but it's hard to tell who is getting paid for their review and who is providing details about their genuine experience. I've also seen a lot of five star and one star ratings with no additional details provided whatsoever. I knew you all would do better than that!


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The one thing I've noticed about reviews is that you should pay attention to how recent they are. I've found that a lot of companies start out doing a great job, then their business grows, then they either get too big or the founders sell or something, and service declines dramatically. Yet they still promote the reviews they received in the early days when they were doing a good job.

I find that I have to switch hosts every 3 or 4 years or so, just because a lot of good companies seem to get complacent over time.
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