Which domains should you drop?


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In 2015 and beyond, a lot of domainers will most likely end up dropping quite a bit of filler inventory. What’s filler inventory, you might ask? Simply put, I’m referring to domains which are average at best, let’s say medium or even downright mediocre ones. As much as an ego blow it might be, let’s face it: there’s no such thing as a perfect portfolio and at one point or another, pretty much all investors will end up dropping some domains.

Which domains should you drop? Well, there are basically two things which make a domain desirable: revenue on the one hand and its sales potential on the other. If your domain doesn’t generate enough revenue to earn its keep (or cover its renewal fee, in other words), you’ve owned it for a decent amount of time and are scratching your head when trying to assess its sales potential, I’d recommend letting go.

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