Where I Get My Domain Name Ideas From

I think that watching trends is a great way to come up with domain names. I've found that creating fan sites and such for popular and tending things have produced a great result for me.
Exactly, we can get inspired anywhere, but the most important is picking a catchy name, a name people will like and remember.
Do you have a certain method you use for choosing one or finding inspiration? What do you think about using generic extensions by chance? Sometimes, I think it's smarter to buy on the aftermarket and sometimes I think it's better to use a domain hack instead.
Much as there may be a thousand ideas or suggestions for a domain name, I agree with all of you that say that choosing a catchy name is important. As for me, I tend to avoid hyphens and numbers and always prefer to keep it short.
It is widely known that Indian natives feel a bigger affinity towards domains with .in. Whether you are in that country or not, it will rank higher in the local searches if you utilize .in. India has a large number of program software, computer and other tech types of professionals. If your niche can market to that section of the country, you should do well. Keywords are a good way to start.
I think that watching trends is a great way to come up with domain names.
Kimla, do you know if there is a service that does that? I'd love to find something that aggregates the information and analyzes the actual trends. I've found that my own biases get in the way of determining the true trend.
Wow, what great domain information. I would have never thought to keyword search to find significant domain names. Also, the uppermost advice is priceless for us new to domain buying and registration. I would have never known. Thank you, both for the excellent advice!


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