Where I Get My Domain Name Ideas From


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I often get asked where I get my ideas for registering domain names and the truth is from everywhere.

If you pay close attention to whats going on around you sooner or later you will have domain name ideas flying at you faster than you can register them.

Now lets be very clear here, I am not talking about making up any old name like homulono.in or jubagawa.in or other nonsensical rubbish that I see people registering all the time or worse paying hundreds for from drop lists!! Hello!!.

I am talking about names that relate to a product or service that someone at this very moment somewhere in the world (or preferably India) is spending money on.

Any time I go shopping or standing looking at magazines in book store or watching TV I find domain name ideas come at me like lightning bolts. ( I always make a note to myself on my mobile phone so I don't forget when I am out so I can check the domain when I get home) they just don't stop. Its infectious!!

Magazines are a perfect example. If a magazine exists for a certain subject such as Digital SLR Cameras then it makes perfect sense that there is money to be made especially when you consider what companies / businesses are spending on advertising in those magazines. ( By the way I own digitalslrcamera.in & digitalslrcameras.in so don't waste your time checking that one ) :)

Another obvious one is your local Yellow Pages!! What a great place for domain names.
Just look at what these businesses are spending on advertising, its tens of thousands a year for many and some advertise in different ones across the country. I know of many companies I consult to for my Internet Marketing business that are spending AU$100,000 annually on the Yellow Pages. Wow.

These are your potential end user domain buyers that if dealt with correctly may one day soon want to buy one of your domains but not if its crap.

Here are just some of the domains that I registered in the past few days from following what I have just talked about above.














Money is being spent on these items every day from people with Bad Breath (or Halitosis as its medical term) looking for a cure to a man that needs a new Electric Shaver or a company that ships them and needs RFID Tags and Tracking in place to manage the products in transit. (If you are not sure what RFID is check this out Radio-frequency identification - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia )

It is just common sense that does not seem that common at all from some of the domains I see listed here for sale. My advice is don't waste your time or money as you can hand register better names with a bit of effort and research. I would not even pay reg fee for most of them.

Yes I can hear the cries from the upset domainers trying to flog their crap onto unsuspecting new domainers in this forum as I type this post, but I don't give a dam as it needs to be pointed out.


Look at what is being sold and ask yourself this question! Is this domain of value to an end user or not??? The extension of the domain is important but not critical as you can get a .biz to do well in the search engines just as much as a .co.in or .in but if your market is India then focus on the .co.in or .in as it will stand a better chance of getting type in traffic and is better suited to a local market.

So to end my rant I say don't look for short cuts, do your homework and research the opportunities are EVERYWHERE you just have to open your eyes and ears and look at domains through the eyes of a end user.

It has worked for me over the years and it can for you as well.

Have a great day.


Ed Keay-Smith
Domains, Domain Name News and Domain Names Information.
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Excellent post Ed - thanks for sharing. I'm going to sticky this post as it is one of the best I've ever seen and I think all new members should read it.


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Great post indeed. You have earned stickworthiness (a somewhat hackneyed Seinfeld reference). Interestingly enough, if you search Google India the most popular websites are those with nonsense names. Which is a depressing thought as we buy up all these wonderfully generic names that will be hard to market to end-users in India, at least from where I sit. Also, it should be mentioned that it is always preferable to get the British English spelling if at all relevant ie. colour not color, glamour not glamor. Although, propbably not an issue for an Ozdomainer but certainly so for a domainer from the US.


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Great post indeed. You have earned stickworthiness (a somewhat hackneyed Seinfeld reference).

Wasn't it sponge worthiness on Seinfeld?

Interestingly enough, if you search Google India the most popular websites are those with nonsense names. Which is a depressing thought as we buy up all these wonderfully generic names that will be hard to market to end-users in India, at least from where I sit.

Not at all. The reason why these websites are popular is because they've spent a lot of money on branding themselves. Branding is expensive to do and never ends. Having a great generic means a lot of branding has been done for you already. As well, it also can open a lot of doors, which is important for a new player in a competitive market.

Also, it should be mentioned that it is always preferable to get the British English spelling if at all relevant ie. colour not color, glamour not glamor. Although, propbably not an issue for an Ozdomainer but certainly so for a domainer from the US.

Indeed, generally British English is used. If you search in Google India using American English, often Google India will suggest the correct use. For instance, if you search for "glamor" one gets two results for "glamor" and then one gets three results for "glamour." So, even if you don't know British English, Google can be a good tool for making sure that you're using the correct spelling.










Okay let's say it cost $4 per year registration, then say $4 hosting fee, So, about $64 per year/8 .in domains. Then design time for each ad background, say about $60 each x 8 =480. (which i was told your aren't supposed to do with .in's, but it doesn't matter now.)
After five years it will cost about $800 for these 8 domains. I'm a newbie so i'm wondering, Will the google ads really pay out this much equity over five years with clicks?

LLL.in King

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I always ask myself "whats in demand"? "what are people always needing"? I sometimes find whats in the highest of demand by sampling forums like NP or inforum. I see people ask for alot of email related names, and also hosting! demand for hosting is directly proportional to demand for domain names. I always think about what the future holds too. Future trends i believe are solid investments...


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I think this is an excellent idea.......
I have always sat down and tried to think of domain names.....
and when they start to flow in, i find that they are already registered...
And yes this domain name thinking and registering can be addictive
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Well explained post , well listed and explained with examples. Given a very good thought on why to buy it . awesome post.


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Not only Google India, this nonsense names can makes every users from world. In British English spelling also relevant like colour not color. glamour not glamor. User mast satisfy with this spelling mistakes, this problem accour in every website 's comment.


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Thanks for sharing. Creating new domain names is all about being creative. Creativity is seen in a name like google etc. Also good domain names can be gotten from the catchy advertisements words.;)


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Ideas can flow from any where & any direction :)

This is my small idea:
Choose you basic idea (Main keyword). (Eg: Travel , poker , Domain , hosting)

Two Ideas to find the keywords:
Idea 1:

Now search for the keyword.
Check-in the Synonyms box & Search for Keyword Ideas.
Now you will get a list of keywords related to your Main keyword.

Idea 2:
Choose a developed website relevant to your Main keyword & Provide its link in the box provided.

In both the above ideas you will get lot of keywords.
Now extract them in .csv for Excel format.
Arrange them in a list format & sort out them based on various parameters.
CPC >$1
Global Search Volume > 10000
Advertiser Competition >0.8

Now you will left out with keywords that are on demand.
Copy paste them to Word Processor & Remove the blank space between the keywords.
Now, Go to - >
Special Bulk Pricing on low cost domain names
Paste the keywords & choose the extension you are in to.

Now comes the interesting part,
almost out of 100 keywords 99 of them are already registered in .com
95-99% registered in other extensions .net / .info / .org
if you are into .in, you can get around 50% of them & even more with .co.in's.

Choose the best of the available domains, that sounds good for you.
Happy Acquiring :)

I did my best to make it clear for all.
let me know if you have any clarification..

Godaddy's Bulk Registration search is one of the best tool to search upto 500 domains faster.
To Register the available domain names, Mitsu.in & ResellerClub is good.
(They have promo running & it keeps the cost under $2 till September 2010)
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Good post Kathir, except godaddy is complete rip off.

.In Domains cost only 90R at mitsu.in and 1and1.com charge 7.95 reg fee for .com's

godaddy is $8.90 for .in!!! and $11.23 for .com!!

Godaddy needs to go on a diet!


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Great post kathirR - the only thing I'd add is that you can tailor results in the Google Keyword Tool specifically to India.
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