What's Your Personality Type?


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If you have 10 minutes to spare and want to find out your personality type, take this test from the BBC website:

BBC - Science & Nature - Human Body and Mind - Mind - What Am I Like?

According to this test, I am a resolver. :)

Summary of Resolvers
Good at getting to the heart of a problem and quickly finding a solution
Make rational decisions using the facts available
Think of themselves as understanding, stable and easy-going
May focus on short-term results and lose sight of the big picture

So what's your personality type?

Are you a:

Big Thinker


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According to test, i am a nurturer. i think this is really my personality and that the result of the test is true.

Summary of Nurturers

  • Care for the important people in their lives
  • Strive for harmony and avoid confrontation
  • Think of themselves as gentle, conscientious, and mature
  • May have trouble making decisions that could hurt others
More about Nurturers

Nurturers are quiet people who believe in order and diligently look after the people they care about. They focus on the needs of others and establish routines to help them meet their commitments.

Nurturers are the most likely group to say they prefer a job where the same thing happens every day, according to a UK survey.

Nurturers remember details that are important to them, such as their friends' birthdays and anniversaries. People with this personality type value others' feelings and may challenge behaviour they think is insensitive.
In situations where they can't use their talents or are unappreciated, Nurturers may feel bitter and seek support by complaining to their colleagues. Under extreme stress, Nurturers may become preoccupied with the worst possible outcome and believe that they are heading for disaster.
Because they are so caring and loyal, Nurturers run the risk of being taken advantage of.


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I think that it is very hard to decide about the personality type. All tests are not absolute. Because human beings are very complicated and they carry different features in one personality.
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