What's wrong with NNN.in & LLL.in lately ?


Since I haven't hear any cool thing about the sales of NNN.in and LLL.in lately .. any idea ?

I have sold about 20 All Premium Letter LLL.IN the last few months for prices
between $150 to $800 each. + i sold a package with 10 LLL.IN for $500 to a person for few days ago.

Today i bought 5 LLL.IN for $50 each and 4 NNN.IN

I'm also reging several .in and .co.in domains every week.
I concur with johnny - there are many 'unreported' sales of NNN.IN and LLL.IN.

Several other points:
* Traffic / Revenue is continuing to increase on parked NNN-LLL .IN
* Unsolicited interest reaches my inbox every few days for both NNN and LLL
* Like Johnny I have sold several LLL to endusers for a huge multiple of renewal cost (think XXXX).

I believe this is just the beginning of one of the strongest cctlds in the world and one should be accumulating (Buy and Hold) as many as financially possible.
Good Luck.


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I'd agree with johnny and DomainLobe here

There was a lot of fuss over at NamePros about LLL.in selling out. I think thats unlikely in the short future simply because very few ccTLD have sold out in LLL. 17576 is a lot of domains.

However, its easy to offload good LLL.in and NNN.in for $50-$100. Holding them is even better business. Names such as XQZ.in may have to wait a bit longer.


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Hey FishSEO - welcome back and congrats :)

I feel the same way! I took a break from turning over my portfolio after that big rush of drops in March / April. Sat back and developed a large number of those names, but I'm keen to start buying and selling again. Just getting a list ready for the Associated Cities auction:

Associated Cities


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Upcoming geo-domains auction.

I thought I'd enter a few Indian city names to test the water.
Thanks Steve for the Geo link.
I think I will take the time to submit a handful of my best.
I wonder if LLL.IN could be considered geo like FRA.IN (france ISO code), EGY.IN (Egypt) - probably not!
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