What's the current new commission % from Sedo?


Thanks Kokoro - I was having trouble figuring that out too.

It looks they removed the price list and linked the user agreement to where the prices were listed. You can still see their new prices cached by Google here. (Google bots usually update cached sites every severals days so that one will be wiped soon).

No idea why did they disabled the page with prices. Either that is some bug or they retreated after much negative response from customers.


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10% - domain parked at Sedo + fixed price

Does anybody actually put a fixed price on their names? And if so has anyone actually sold any at a fixed price? I would be surprised if they have.

Seems to be just a way to raise the bar to 15% for the majority of sales and a 50% income boost?


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Fixed priced domains indeed sell well on Sedo. I'm usually selling 5-10 fixed priced domains each month.


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at least 30+ sales already this year.

yes, something like this. It is either lazy buyers or I'm pricing them too cheap lol - usually to mid $xxx

Examples, please.

some of recent ones:


so names are nothing special
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