What's the best way to buy a bunch of domains and fill the space for my project?


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I want to buy some domains and don't intend to flip these domains - it's for my personal use. Unfortunately I also need to fill the space: don't want some clever git altering a 's' or adding a '-' (at some point in the future).

In this regard: where you need to buy a bunch of related domains in one shot and try out something.. what's the best way to do so? I'm not a big company so I can't afford to pay big bucks to evict a domain squatter.

Dynadot sells single domains pretty cheap but what I want is 10-15-20 of them. (might be fewer - I'm still thinking about it - trying to cookup a good name) Do you really need to grab all the typos.

Any advice for someone with little experience.


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Not sure that it is worth grabbing all the typos - that ends up getting quite costly and I am not sure the expense is worth it.


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I'm thinking of going back to Bigrock - got back my password and such. Dynadot sounds nice but Bigrock's long-term slightly cheaper. 2 other options were Mitsu and Bookyour.in (V2Technosys) - both accept 10 year registrations for 1/2 the price which sounds great but obviously they aren't ICANN Accredited and Bigrock is.. Ordinarily I don't suppose it matters but with the business cycle nearing an end - may need to be more careful. Guess it depends on what names I come up with ultimately


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