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@JackD A word of caution (while I admire your logo skills) unless you intend to develop them or have plenty of spare ammo in the bank I would not register 2 word IN names..As is IN secondary market demand is pretty low and first year reg promos are over so spending approx 7$ ea or more is like water down the.......IMO


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Thanks @SuperSoftware I agree that I shouldn't reg 2 word .IN domains. The only reason I got this one is because it was backordered at one of my competitors. I was hoping they would see it here and maybe want to contact me about it but more importantly, add me to their backorder scheme. The more places you backorder, the better your chances of catching what you want. I have only been interested in .IN domains since May and have made plenty of mistakes with what I have registered for myself. I always value input from my fellow domainers and I thank you for your comments. If by chance you see me buying anything else I shouldn't, please question me about why and if I do not have a good answer, then tell me to Stop It! It will be appreciated.


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EASU.in (A former Christianity Site - EASU is JESUS in S. India - God help me ;))
ADPAPER.in (redirect for AdMart.in and when I launch free print publication for local ads :mad:)
ABUT.in (not sure why i regged this o_O)
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