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    May 14, 2008
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    i have been told my domain hotelguru.in is good, yet the stats are not impressive at all for last 7months:

    31 Views collectively
    4 Views per month on the average
    10 Clicks collectively
    1 Clicks per month on the average
    32.26% Click through rate on the average
    ?0.03 Revenue per click on the average
    ?0.05 Revenue per month on the average
    ?0.32 Revenue collectively

    currently its just a sedo landing page, any ideas of what to do with it?
  2. Jeff
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    Mar 26, 2008
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    It's a decent domain, but not one where I would expect a lot of type in traffic. So your stats seem about right.

    You could try other parking companies to see if you can get a higher EPC. The CTR seems a bit low - I would think you could get it higher by playing with the layout of the parking page.

    But even if you double your parking income - doubling it would take you from €0.05 per month to €0.10 per month - it's not a big difference.

    If you want to make more money from your domain in the near future, you would have to develop it.

    Not to discourage you from development, but if you're going to develop a website, it should be something that interests you, not just because you have a domain lying around.

    You could also try a minisite. I don't have much experience with those, but some people have done well with them.
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    Sep 18, 2008
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    minisite is a good idea..my friends made a killing by selling a dozen of those..but yeah..he did pay a lot of attention to them..plus he does this on an ongoing basis..so I dunno if its a sure shot way of getting a lot of money or not..but yes parking wont get you rich, incase of this domain atleast..