what is the value of .in


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This would be a good place to start:

You can see a lot of the larger sales have happened in the last 6 months.


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Let's start a contest

A big challenge comes from the need for education on the value of distinct, powerful brands ? and by extension: good domain names. In Maharashtra, for example, there must be at least 500 companies that use the word ?global? as part of their company name. That number does not include STD booths.

The Indian economy?s history of having only a small number of competing (or largely non-competing) firms in each market sector has meant that branding savvy played little role in commercial success. Now that the market is opening up, there are few good role models to show how a smart domain name has helped propel entrepreneurs to commercial success.

A recent survey in the UK found that most owners of small and medium businesses had not given much thought to their domain names?in an economy that has had wide Internet penetration for over a decade.

In India, even among those who see the value of a good brand, there will be a strong tendency to seek out a fresh registration rather than going onto the secondary market. Janta will prefer any random domain extension such as .info or .biz, rather than pay money in the secondary market for a good domain name.

You often see brand decisions (and domain name decisions) being made by promoters or others with little or no understanding of branding principles. Many people would rather clone or imitate a Western brand than hire a consultant to provide brand and domain-name choices that will create long-term competitive advantages in the markets to be served.

Perhaps we could help by having a vote on this forum and then giving out awards for the worst branding and domain name choices by Indian corporates. We could make it an annual contest, with the results reported to major press outlets.

We could also conduct a survey of the IT ministers in the various states to see how many of them have registered their own names as domain names. If IT ministers are not Internet savvy, how can we expect the average babu to show any interest?

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Well, almost all of those bigger power countries are having an extension for their ownself. Just like that .in is for Indian domains. So, it DOES has value.


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The Indian domain market is so different I don't think that you can compare .in values with .com values.

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The Indian domain market is so different I don't think that you can compare .in values with .com values.
True, .com is common for everyone but .in is specialized for Indian Domains. Anyhow, .co.in seems better than .in ;)


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If we go by what the erstwhile rulebook says .com is for commercial domains, as .org is for organizations, and accordingly .in is a country specific domain. So totally different niches.


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Of course the tld has its own value. Because every organisation or country will try to have their own tld. In this way, they could create an identity for themselves. So it is for sure a great success. As said, the sales of the domain names are on ever increase. This itself is a very good proof.


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In contrast to the above post, I would say that over the last year, most of the new entrants into the ITeS field in India that I have seen have not bothered to even register one domain name, regardless of extension.

With the availability of free email services from Gmail and Yahoo, and with the availability of free sub-domains on Web 2.0 platforms such as Ning, hard-charging startup guys see less of a need now to spend the money on a domain name.

The issue of branding seems even less important now to janta than a year back. We have a lot of work to do, if this situation is to change. Personally, I see that shame works better than guilt.


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.IN is a late entrant in the domain industry, and with so many extensions available now, i doubt if anyone could compare .com with .in. With the natural advantage available to .com over .in and perceived assumption that search engines favour .com, everyone aspires to own a .com ..

However 2-3 years down the line, I am sure the situation would change and .IN would command a better price (hopefully..)



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Why search engines downplay CC sites

To compare a TLD with a CC above is to compare apples and oranges. It?s simply rubbish and without a basis in fact.

What evidence can anyone present that search engines prefer dot-coms over dot-in domains? To assert such a fallacy is to distract webmasters from the true issues at hand and to discourage efforts to have websites fairly evaluated by search engines.

Search engines prefer websites with relevant content (and keywords) and links from other relevant websites. On the whole, dot-com website managers appear to be out in front on SEO measures?but these measures are not proprietary or secret or otherwise unavailable to owners of CC domains.

Search ranking often has to do with keyword strength. For English-speakers from outside the U.S., subtle adjustments to keywords and syntax do not always come easily. Most of the desi sites I see are promoted by individuals who neither understand the importance of localization nor are knowledgeable enough to take advantage of such opportunities if they are made available.

Localization is a problem for many dot-com website operators in the U.S. and U.K. Translation: hiring experts in local languages and culture is not a high priority. Link popularity and search rankings suffer as a result.

Link popularity and search-engine popularity will suffer as a result of poor website design and construction. If visitors see typos and poor site construction, they are less likely to do business with a website operator or to make a link to that website. This is the situation that PubDomains.in finds itself in at the moment. Not even George Bush could make so many errors in spelling and syntax!

Despite being a PIO, if I were to shift back to India and try to launch an enterprise without having the sense to hire local experts and make strong local tie-ups, then that enterprise would fail. The inverse is too often true when it comes to Desi enterprises seeking to break out into global markets.

Promoters of CC websites need to be conscious of the common pitfalls that befall other websites in their business category. They can and should develop plans to counteract such traps. With PubDomains.in and similarly situated websites, this would entail strict adherence to AP standards [Associated Press Stylebook ? ?Gita for Google?].

Buy it. Read it. Memorize it. Use it. Repeat as necessary.

It is easy to blame someone else for one?s own failings. ?Oh those search engines are ignoring me because I?m using a dot-in.? Nonsense, the search engines are ignoring you because you have not cared to make a proper website.

Start with the grammar section in the AP Stylebook where the use of uppercase letters is explained. Need an example? It?s as close as NYT.com or BusinessWeek.com.


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Well .com is definitely the most popular domain extension, and is probably worth the most overall. However, Indian domain names are getting more popular and are, as stated earlier, marketed towards India, so you can't really compare the two directly.


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I think obviously the .in domain will have some value but it will never have the value of .com or .net etc. as it has entered the game at too later point I feel.
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