What is driving low bids?


I like to check out auction sites just to see what's selling. I'm surprised that the winning bids were so low on some of them. I realize that a domain is worth whatever the market is willing to pay. But, why do you think the market didn't see more value in these domains? Any ideas on what drove the low bids?

Likerain.com $50
anothertip.com $20
businessmarketing.co $6 (I know .co is not .com, but still)
movieninjas.com $41
gamedork.com $10
SeductionWeb.com $1
Blamed.com $893


Lack of interest for the implications the name brings? I would have thought Another Tip would have brought more because the implications are endless. Tips about what? One thing? A hundred things? The possibilities there are endless.


Thanks for responding! I thought the same thing you did, Connected. I wish I had found the auction in time to bid because anothertip.com would be easy to market and build up as a content site. Lists are still very popular these days with everyone having such short attention spans. I could make a top ten tips for getting stains out of laundry, top five tips for training your cat to walk on leash, and on it goes. Lots of potential there.

Gamedork.com could make a great blog/review site combo. There's lots of hype around gaming right now. Especially with Nintendo Switch hitting the scene and Minecraft coming out with a beta release, which should hit the market after the bugs are worked out


I agree, Foroux. Some of those domains could be made into almost anything. That is what makes a domain price go up or that is what I thought. After seeing these prices, I'll be doing another search for domains today.


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I get the drift here but do you suppose that it is easy to purchase a domain for such a low price, revamp it, then look to sell it a profit? Time and again, the market has proved that this is easier said than done.


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I cannot find the articles right now but I have read several lately that say the price of domains (even .coms) is falling right now. Why is the question that drives me crazy. Some suggest that there are too many domainers that artificially drove up the prices to begin with. But since end user prices are not affected by domainers but what an enduser is willing to pay I disagree with that theory. Hopefully it's just a cycle or phase that we are going through now. Whatever is causing it, I wish it would stop!


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Either way, can we have a positive angle to the low bids? Do prospective buyers stand to gain more? Could we say that the low bids could also result from a conspiracy? I also hope that it is just a passing wind.
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I don't think low bids is a conspiracy, I think it has more to do with consumer education. Buyers for products sold online and in brick and mortar stores are use to paying the advertised price. Buyers of real estate expect to pay at least near the asking price for property. They have been trained that way for years and it is deemed an acceptable occupation for real estate speculators to buy property, not develop it but just to "sit on it" until the price goes up. On the other hand, buyers know that you can hand reg a domain for $10 and think it is outrageous that you want $x,xxx for that same domain name. Instead of recognizing domainers as investors, they think we are squatters. So the next time you get one of those lowball offers try offering to buy their house or property for a lowball offer and see what their repsonse is.

Or just lead them to this article: https://onlinedomain.com/2017/10/23/domain-name-news/domain-name-price-really-ridiculous/

saurabh mathur

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Driving bid sniping typically misleads other prospective buyers into thinking a particular item will sell for a lot less than normal.Key factors that are associated with driving bid are:-

1. drop in the cost of modules.
2. global capital flows into supporting, endorsing, and encouraging.
3. operating cost are near zero once built.
4. time limit for 12-18 for delivery


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Unless, you have liquid domains, you can't expect good price from any auction website. Yes, if you negotiate with end user, then you may manage to sell at good price. So please have patience and wait for the right buyer.
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