What are you thinking when you are registering in domains?

Discussion in 'General Indian Domain Name Discussion' started by nametrader, Feb 16, 2012.

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    Hi everybody I felt the need to say something to all new entrants into .in investing. I am saying .in especially because that is what I want to talk about now.

    Before I go further who the hell am I to say something?(actually kind of tell ;) ) well I am someone who has done some sales before. When you look at the .in sales chart I am involved in 5 sales in top 40. I have learnt something along the way and want to share a piece of advice here and there to be useful to the community. Just my 2 cents kind of thing! Now I don't want to talk or discuss about which names blah blah blah, if you are in this business do your homework :) that's all.

    People don't waste your money. I know it is just 2 bucks or less to register one now because of promotions in many places. 10 bucks or 2 bucks just don't make it a habit of registering domains that won't give you any ROI normally, instead you might loose the investment itself. Question is not how much but it is about why? yes why register obscure 3 word plus long tail combinations and other low grade 2 word combos etc. Come on be serious when a 3 word long tail keyword .com domain is being sold for 10-15 dollars everywhere do you think the .in have a chance? Do you know how many TLD's we have now GOD it's like tough to remember so many! of them so do you guys see? that things are not like before? you have to be more creative and follow/look at other seniors around learn from their portfolios, their posts at different venues etc, then get an over all view and then pump in money.

    What many of you guys and girls now are doing is investing money as if it is equal to investing in penny stocks, you kind of don't care you lose the money or whatever, just trying out luck, nothing wrong with that but if you are any serious about this domain investing CHANGE.

    People like me and before me are like regular Joe's working 9 to 5, 5 days a week who have a minimum guarantee that at the end of the week they make some money to take care of themselves and their families! I mean WE ARE IN BUSINESS and WILL BE IN BUSINESS for years to come. I dont mean we work very hard like a regular Joe out there but we do try to take right decisions most of the times which delivers a minimum guarantee over time which is WORTH OUR TIME. Are we not into all of this to make it worth while?

    So you DECIDE WHO YOU WANT TO BE. Thank you and have a great day.

    If you look at the night sky some times you watch meteors or some celestial dust fall now and then provided the sky is clear and you are able to see the stars!

    Now if you look at the domains that get sold every day, they are like those metors above, they are not many and seldom come by. I wish all of you have some of them that are SELLABLE, good luck.