Welcome to Sweden's Ice Hotel


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Enjoy the cold winter season? Well, you might be interested in visiting Sweden's ICEHOTEL, a hotel made of ice and snow.

Are the bedrooms at below zero temperature?
Absolutely! Around -5 degrees Celsius is the indoor temperature in ICEHOTEL. If outdoor temperature falls below -30, then it may be -8 inside, but not colder!

The hotel website recommends that you pack your thermal underwear. :D

I'd never heard of the ICEHOTEL before, but it looks like it's the company's 19th ice hotel. The hotel will eventually melt down into a river. Now that's a very original idea.

Call me unadventurous, but I wouldn't like to visit this hotel as knowing me I would just complain that I'm so cold :p. Would you visit this hotel?
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Well it seems fascinating, I have seen ice hotels in travel programs. I think practically it won't be very comfortable for staying. It will not be my choice at any cost.


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I read a story about that hotel a few years ago and they seem to build it up again every winter. I think that it is pretty cool and I would not mind spending a night there. I doubt that I would want to stay there for a whole week though.
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