Wedding Website Names: Real Examples & Tips to Choose a Perfect One


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Congratulations! You just got engaged. Now it is an excellent time to get down to the actual work of planning and organizing your wedding day, beginning with your wedding website names so that you can better inform anyone about your progress.

You’ll be sharing your wedding website name with everyone using multiple channels, including emails, photos, stationery, so it is essential to get it done right on time. After all, when your guests receive the invitation, they must visit your unique wedding website that will be the first impression of your event.

However, in this busy life, many couples don’t have much time to register a special wedding domain that comes into their mind. Few of them go with a long wedding website URL such as “” don’t feel tasteful. Additionally, typing long URLs may get complicated for older guests.

In this article, I have decided to help you to avoid common mistakes while picking out the ideal web address.

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