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    I am offering this valid for a few hours ONLY and ONLY if I do not come up with the money other ways.

    Site is CURRENTLY down to to being spammed and I am in the process of moving to a new web host :

    Site has 1,000 users - majority through google adsense.

    It is based on WPMU

    I acquired the domain alone for low $XXX

    BIN price is set to $749

    You get it completely setup, instaled, and functional. You get entire user database. Entire web site and everything with it for $699

    Again, this is literally valid only for HOURS. So if interested don't put off contacting me. I don't want to sell it but something much more important long term has come up.

    I will offer complete customization using WPMU DEV premium plugins as it was. Additional customization available but not included in bin. Should be able to see how the site looked in Google's Cache.

    P.S. last site I sold that was similar sold for $10,000 BIN inside hours. Last auction listing at Flippa with only a couple hundred users signed up got to $2,000 and I declined.

    P.S.S. I can give you adwords campaign that generated 1,000 uniques and 40 - 60 sign ups per day for $10 USD daily as well as part of the deal.

    Again - time is of the essence

    If you read this at 10:30 PM EST it is too late

    Payment must be made by paypal - I have dealt with many here so references are available. If I haven't seen you here much or don't know you I will need some sort of reference from someone here most likely. Contact me and we will discuss.