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My business, Canton Satellite, has really taken off and I just don't have the time or resources to continue taking care of Weblogs.in

My host had to pull it a week or so ago due to the resources it was using. So be preppared to have at least a solid VPS - getting a good wp db manager should help aleviate a lot of the stress on the server.

Solid domain, had web site on it for a good period of time up until a few weeks ago .. Bargain priced $399 BIN - Offers starting at $299 considered.

If interested e-mail ryan@cantonsatellite.com or post sold here. Will transfer entire db, etc .. Last count there were well over 10,000 blogs I think of course 1/2 of those were people splogging so you could clean it up or just fly ad words. Ad words did make me a few bucks a day for a while but I pulled it to try Yahoo and never got approved.



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