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Explain the difference between VPS and Cloud hosting services? Any suggestion from where to buy hosting services for hosting my website?


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Virtual Private Server Hosting provides you with your own partitioned server and allows you to customize and configure your section exactly the way you want it. While you share the machine with a number of other users, you have your own allocated resources. Cloud Hosting is similar to VPS Hosting in its functionality, but achieves this in a different way. Rather than having a portion of a server with dedicated resources, your resources are spread across a number of different shared machines.

For hosting your site, I would recommend A2Hosting . It’s a reliable, and highly secured web hosting solution. Already using them for a couple of years. Great uptime and support . iPage is a good choice too.


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A good feature of the VPS is the ability to create sandboxes and honeypots. These are methods of testing software updates and features while keeping the main site secure. Your company uses one of its VPS partitions for its main site and another one as a backup.


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Accounts from libertyvps.net and luxhosting.lu are solid and trustworthy.
I am so impressed by the efficiency. My ticket was resolved within minutes of being submitted. Amazing!!!


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