Washington post goes after 2 .news domain via UDRP



Typically, when a well-known company goes after an exact match domain name in alternative extensions, it is not all that newsworthy. More often than not, the domain names are awarded to the complainant without much fanfare. It looks like the Washington Post filed two UDRPs that will be interesting to follow given the usage of the domain name.

A UDRP was filed against WashingtonPost.news and a UDRP was filed against WAPO.news. Both filings were at the National Arbitration Forum (NAF), so the complainant is not published yet. One can assume the Washington Post is the complainant in case #1775737 and case #1775738.

While these may look somewhat cut and dry given the pretty much exact match of a well known news publication brand, the way they are being used could make these UDRP filings more notable. It looks like there is a website on each of these domain names, and it is pretty clear that neither is associated with the Washington Post.

One look at the header / logo on these two websites, and visitors should be able to tell there is no association. “Real news about the fake news failures of the Washington Post” is the tagline under a logo with the domain name. In addition to this, on the top right section of the websites, it says “This website is NOT associated with or endorsed by the Washington Post newspaper.”


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