Warning and advice from a Chinese domain investor


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(1) Bulk trading has no truth because of the burden of renewal, so the boom of 2015 will not come again.

(2) Weixin is eating websites (domain names). Weixin public accounts have quickly grown to 15 millions — much more than the 4.2m Chinese websites developed since 1984. Companies are shifting to Weixin to reach their customers.

(3) While new gTLDS are here to stay, many (such as .ee and .gg) are highly risky as investment because of lack of test of time and wide recognition.

(4) Domain securitization does not work because Pinyin names are hard to appraise and short number/letter names are too small in quantity to support the market; lack of supervision and trust in the market are the other factors.

(5) Increasingly tight control of the Internet by the government makes it difficult to have boom in domain sales.

(6) It’ll take longer to find the right buyer because huge supply of new extensions gives end users lots of choices.

(7) Domain names may be replaced by something new if the younger generation go for something else.


(1) Shift thinking from “domain name” to “short domain names”.

(2) Make sure your domain name can be used to develop into a website.

(3) Stick to meaningful .com names as their values will continue to rise. cn, net, and org are OK as they will survive. But, beware of other ccTLDs and new gTLDs as they can be manipulated by registries and big money funds.

(4) Avoid debt but keep cash. Watch more, buy less.

(5) Review domain names and drop the bad ones.

(6) Treat domain investment as secondary income source, not primary one.

(7) Do not expect mega return. 20% should be considered very good.



There is higher chance finding a good domain name if we go with newer extension, but they will always come second to the big TLDs. These new extensions must be used to gain recognition. If we think about it that way, we can create the market for these new extensions if we do it right. It's actually a chance.


Watch more.....buy less, and expecting a 20% return is a conservative way of doing this. Conservative actions will garner conservative gains. Personally, I think it's sound advice given the field we're playing on.


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