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I am seriously interested to know about ,How can I earn money through youtube? Any specific method is required for this purpose? I want suggestions from experienced peoples to start my career on youtube
First, you must make a video. That's the most basic requirement. So what video should you make? That's easy. Make a video of something which you do. Like me. I teach English. So I make videos of me teaching English. Then you edit your video. Youtube has its own software. You can also use other software. I use Wondershare. It's easy to use. Then you upload your video to Youtube. Make some more videos. Upload them. Talk about your videos on social media. Post links to your Youtube videos on Facebook. Check your Youtube videos regularly to respond to comments. After some time, apply to monetize your Youtube channel.
Good to know that I have been of help. So, have you started making any videos yet? You don't have to be a professional to make videos. Just get started. Most smartphones would have video capabilities which are good enough for Youtube. You can edit your video directly on the Youtube site. Don't worry about making mistakes. Even seasoned professionals make mistakes. The main thing is to do it.


Thanks for the explanation too. Just something that is not very clear for me, what do you mean apply to monetize the videos? What are the requirements for that?
I haven't done this for a long time. The last time I did it was many years ago. What you need is first to already have some videos on Youtube. Then your videos must already have some views. I cannot remember how many views are required. What I remember was that I applied when the option was opened to me. Probably, if you are not qualified, the option would not appear to you.


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I know that this is one area that I know that I am kind of missing the boat on, so to speak, but I guess I just have to accept it. It is pretty incredible how much money there is to be made out there, though.


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If your views is high then you can earn money via google but another method is purchase a domain, Start your blog.

You can create tutorial video, Use youtube for hosting your video and once you reach 500+ Video then I am sure that you will earn money from Youtube video(Visitors will come from youtube to your site) and you will earn money via advertisement/banner ad.


I don't think that applies anymore. You don't have to have views already to get adsense, at least, I didn't have any views before my application was approved.


There is a lot of money to be had Larry, but there is a lot of competition as well. Part of making money this way is to research how the top earners do it and emulate their formula with your own niche.


I think you should join YouTube bootcamp. They explain the concept for monetization very well. I can tell you that it'd take years for you to make decent money. And also it takes more time to even manage such earning properly. With adblockers It'd be harder to see how the revenues in future may work out.
I recently came across a write-up, teaching how to make some little extra income online through Youtube, but I didn't realize yet that it was a perfect solution for anyone willing to earn income online. It is indeed a great solution to making money online.

You simply link a gmail account to your Youtube account. Then try and upload two or three unique and original videos. If an adsense application is submitted to google, your approval only takes less than one to two hours.


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