Wanda.com is the chart topper

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    Ever popular 3-letter .coms have made hundreds of appearances on our weekly domain sales charts over the years and have often taken the top spot on the leader board. Three more of them landed on the upper half of our all extension Top 20 Sales Chart this week. The surprising thing is seeing the total price paid for all three of them falling well short of the $83,817 that chart topper Wanda.com attracted at NameJet. Wanda wiped the floor with the trio of 3-letter .coms - #3 UML.com at $21,400 and two that tied for #9 at $15,000 apiece - NQU.com and XWE.com. Still, NameJet wound up winning both sides of the battle because all of those 3-letter .com sales were theirs as well.

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