WAN.XYZ Sells @ $4,999 / 11.ooo @ $3K / VR.DATING @ $2.5K | The DN Journal TOP 20 Sales


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Ron Jackson >> The DN Journal Weekly TOP 20 Sales ( dnjournal.com/domainsales.htm ) >>

RON: "In addition to our latest weekly chart we also just published our first Year to Date Top Sales Chart of 2016 and four of the top five sales on that list are 3-letter .coms."


.IN Sales: None

Other India-related Sales:
11.ooo (3 x the letter 'o') $3,000

(The Registry Owner / Operator for .ooo is the India-based eCommerce firm 'INFIBEAM' ( infibeam.com ))

.CN: xFLAG.COM.CN $3,000 (via SEDO.com ) | .HK: ModaOperandi.HK $2,300 (via SEDO)

.MX: Venta.COM.MX $6,000 (.MX is the ccTLD/'Country Code TLD' for MEXICO) / ( via Park.IO )

'New TLD' / 'nTLD' Sales: WAN.XYZ $4,999

| 11.ooo (as described above) | VR.DATING
$2,500 >> (All 3 via SEDO.com )

ccTLD Sales:

Via SEDO >>

FO.GG $3,601 | 7.GL €2,999 (appx. US$3,269) |
YY.VC $2,999 | WX.VC $2,562

Via NetFleet.COM.AU >>

RPL.com.au AUD 14,523 (appx. US$10,239) |
Toys.net.au $2,361

( RON: ..."you can look up the nation each extension goes with here." [ iana.org/domains/root/db/ ] )


RON: "As I noted earlier in this report, only 11 sales were reported in the non .com gTLD category with two of those reaching five figures"...

Percentage of .COMs

Thu, Dec 10 =
16 out of 20 = 80%

Thu, Dec 17 =
17 out of 21 = 80.95% / (21 - the extra spot due to a 2-way 'tie' at #20)

Thu, Dec 24 = 19 out of 20 =

Thu, Jan 7 = 33 out of 40 =

(40 - double the usual 20 - as this report covered 2 Weeks of DN Sales Data)

Thu, Jan 21 = 14 out of 20 =

Thu, 28 = 12 out of
20 = 60%

(Dates are as per the prevailing local time in India)



3-Letter .Com Brings $235,000 to Top This Week's Sales Chart - Big Australian ccTLD Sale is #2

By Ron Jackson

The New Year has just gotten started but an old favorite continues to create the biggest sales. 3-letter .coms went ballistic in 2015 and yet another one tops this week's all extension Top 20 Sales Chart after BGI.com changed hands for $235,000 in a private transaction. In addition to our latest weekly chart we also just published our first Year to Date Top Sales Chart of 2016 and four of the top five sales on that list are 3-letter .coms.

[...] including #2 Toys.com.au, a domain that changed hands for $63,897 at NetFleet.com.au.


The non .com gTLDs had only 11 sales in the entire category reported this week, but three of those - all .nets - made the Big Board [...]



[ Ron's full article - including the complete, weekly list of the DN Journal TOP 20 Sales:

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It' really interesting to look at your chart and see all your sales. Its really amazing. Keep up the good work.
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