WallStreet.biz - New York City Economic Center Wall Street Exact Match Domain


New York City Economic Center Wall Street Exact Match Domain

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Domain Created: 2002-03-27
Domain Expires: 2014-03-26
Domain Age: 11 Years, 3 Months, 19 days.
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Wall Street is the world's most popular financial district, economic engine of New York City. This domain would be a great asset to financial companies, institutes and financial service providers. According to the history, Wall Street firms employed close to 200,000 persons and the Wall Street financial services industry which had a $70 billion profit became 22 percent of the city's revenue.

Wallstreet.info was sold $25,500 in 2008 (Ref: Proof) and recently it was sold again in Flippa for $6,050 (Ref: Proof). WallStreet.com sold for over $1,000,000 in 2005, Wallstreet2.com sold for $2,100. As a financial business center/market, WallStreet.biz could be considered more descriptive than WallStreet.com. WallStreet.biz is a valuable domain and now it is available in public auction. Financial companies or service providers can utilize this domain in a great way and it won’t be in aftermarket never again.

Coming to the searches, the keyword "Wall Street" receives 2,740,000 phrase searches each month in the world’s most popular search engine, Google. Every day, millions of people search for the financial information in New York City economic engine Wall Street.

Wall Street is the financial capital of the world. Most of the richest people works in finance and deals with financial services. The potential earning capabilities of the domain WallStreet.biz are limitless.

Look at some keywords relevant to Wall Street such as the potential customers/visitors are searching for in Google each and every month:

"Wall Street" - 2,740,000 phrase searches per month
"Financial Services" - 1,500,000 phrase searches per month
"Stock Market" - 1,830,000 phrase searches per month
"Investments" - 2,740,000 phrase searches per month
"Investing" - 1,000,000 phrase searches per month
"Stocks" - 3,350,000 phrase searches per month
"Dow Jones" - 1,220,000 phrase searches per month
"Mutual Funds" - 673,000 phrase searches per month
"Investor" - 2,240,000 phrase searches per month
"Financial Management" - 450,000 phrase searches per month

These all searches are having high cpc rates. By providing information/services of the above searches may drive millions of dollars to your company in a short period.


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