Vixie Calls For Cooling-Off Period Between Domain Registration And Going Live


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A cooling-off period between domain name registration and use to help protect the good guys is a proposal from internet pioneer and CEO of DNS threat intelligence firm Farsight Security Paul Vixie, reports Dark Reading.

There's no legitimate reason for a newly registered domain name to go live in less than a minute said Vixie. "My challenge: Come up with a non-criminal reason you might need that" speed of setting up a new domain name, he said.

Domain names go as cheap as $10 apiece now, he notes, and are created in less than 30 seconds. "I cannot find a non-malicious [reason] why would want a large number of cheap domain names [activated] in less than 30 seconds," he said. "We've seen how it benefits criminals" in their online activity.

Vixie's proposal involved placing new domain names in a temporary "penalty box" for a few minutes or hours could deter malicious activity. "If they still exist then and are not taken down ... and are not in a reputation system [blacklist], that means there's probably nothing wrong with them."

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