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Hi Wes - welcome to the community!

The domain is decent enough for development. Unfortunately, I don't see much value in it though when it comes to resale, as there are several possible alternatives that can be used.
Seems ok if your business is driven towards immigration adviser or something related to that. Otherwise I don't know for what else can be useful.


Maybe it's just me, but this domain just screams SCAM to me. It has all the hallmark signs of one, and I haven't even seen a website developed for it!

That being said, I wouldn't pay even the reg fee for the mere domain, but if you develop it with an actual, income generating service then you can start thinking about the price of it. As of now it's not worth anything over the reg fee for anyone.


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I'm sure you could get some sales with that, so kudos there. Whether or not it will thrive really depends on how you position it more than anything - the domain is just the tip of the iceberg.


well, I don't know how its a scam, its just a domain, but thank you.

I didn't say it's a scam - I said it sounds like a scam. Just like any "" domain does, just gives me that vibe right off the bat. Probably because of the two barely related, yet mismatching words in it.

But like @Aces said, the domain itself doesn't make the site - the site does. King

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This domain doesnt "look" very good but could be a bought by an end user(more likely small timer rather than big timer)for immigration related website/business. Indians will travel alot more once their economy gets a bit bigger... CHinese are travelling alot these days too. Hopefully you get some traffic...


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well, thank you for your opinions. The idea was that working overseas a person needs a visa and a passport and it would be a private business that could get you both for traveling. Like international AAA.


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