.VIP continues to roll, .Store has solid sunrise


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40,000 more .vip registrations, .store has over 500 sunrise applications.

The .VIP domain name continues to rack up registrations and the .Store registry says it’s off to a solid start.

.VIP broke launch records when it was released earlier this month, and it continues to grow rapidly.

According to data released by the registry:

  • Another 40,000 .vip domains have been registered since the first 24 hours. That brings the total to 213,000+
  • 85% of registrations are from China
  • Nearly half of NNN.vip and NNNN.vip domain names are now registered
  • 3,100 premium domains have been sold
  • 6 .VIP domains sold for a combined $146,000 in the first auction to include .VIP domains
Meanwhile, Radix is reporting solid demand for its .store top level domain name.

Over 500 sunrise orders have been placed with 5 days left in the .store sunrise. With registrars charging between $850-$1,500 for sunrise applications, this means companies have probably spent over $500,000 so far.


Did you buy any?
Is expected that .VIP domain names still are racking up registrations after 24 hours, It will grow steadier as domain business thrives, and the .Store registry are a bit lame in my opinion. China is looking into every corner to recover from the titanic financial deficit they have and is a favorable scenario for more freedom in chinese market since chinese government does not have much choices there.


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