VIP.CLUB Sells @ $40K, The.CLUB $19K, MJ.CLUB $15K, Best.TOP CNY 60K (appx. $9,474) | DNJ TOP 20


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Ron Jackson >> The DN Journal Weekly TOP 20 Sales ( ) >>

.IN Sales: OnlineCasinos.IN (with the 's') $3,500

VisionDirect.CO.IN GBP 1K (approx. US$1,540) | 699.IN $1.3K

(All 3 .IN Sales via )

Other India-related Sales: $4,999

| Indiz.DE [ €3,500 ] (appx. US$3,815) / (Both via SEDO)

.HK Sales: TransferWise.HK
US$2,300 | .IO Sales: RSS.IO €8K (appx. US$8,720)

Top 'New TLD'/'nTLD' Sale: VIP.CLUB $40K (A 'Registry Sale' by the .CLUB 'Registry')

Other 'New TLD'/'nTLD' Sales:

Domain | Sold For | Where Sold $19,000 RightOfTheDot

[...] CNY 60K (appx. US$9,474) Jiangsu Bangning

[...] $5,000 RedefineWeb / GoDaddy Auctions $5,000 Key-Systems $5,000 GoDaddy Auctions

[...] $2,181 NameSilo $1,760 PDR $2,000 Joy Antony

[ The complete list of 'New TLD' Sales can be viewed at >>


Some Other Sales:

SPP.CC.CC $1,034 (via SEDO) | Super.PRO $1,853 (via Zurab Kodalashvili)


Percentage of .COMs:

Thu, Sep 24 = 13 out of 20 = 65%

Thu, Oct 8 = 19 out of 22 = 86.36% | (22 - due to a 3-way 'tie' at #20)

Thu, Oct 15 = 13 out of 20 = 65%

Thu, Oct 22 = 13 out of 20 = 65%

Thu, Oct 29 = 15 out of 20 = 75%

Thu, Nov 5 = 16 out of 20
= 80%

(Dates are as per the prevailing local time in India)

--------------------------------------------------------------------- full article:

Quarter-Million Dollar Sale Tops This Week's Chart - 13 of 20 Entries are 3 Characters or Less!

By Ron Jackson

If you wanted a place on one of this year's weekly Top 20 Sales Charts having ultra-short short domains has been an essential ingredient in getting there - unless of course you own something like In that case you could still go straight to the head of the class. did exactly that - brokering a $250,000 deal for to claim the top spot on this week's all extension leader board. Brokerage owner Andrew Rosener doesn't get to report a lot of their sales because most are subject to NDA's but he said this one followed many other high end sales that have made it a phenomenal year for his company.

That was one if three six-figure sales reported this week [...] NameJet where changed hands for $142,000 [...]

[...] A dozen other charted sales were just three characters long, ten of those being ultra popular three-letter .coms [...]

[...] at $19,000 through

[...] #20 at $18,000. Financing for that private sale was provided by, a business loan company that is becoming more active in the domain space (further evidence that quality domains are being seen an investment quality assets). They paid the seller in full and will hold title to the domain as collateral until the loan is repaid.

Another new name on the chart is They filled the #14 slot with [...]



[ Ron's full article - including the complete, weekly list of the DN Journal TOP 20 Sales:

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