VIP Brokerage Tops This Week's Domain Sales Chart with Year's First Reported 7-Figure Sale

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The new weekly domain sales report is out at I was away covering the 2017 NamesCon conference in Las Vegas last week so I have a double dose of sales data for you this time out. The big news is the first 7-figure sale reported in this new year – a two-digit .com that fetched $1.82 million! Our all extension Top 20 Sales Chart also has a nice 6-figure sale in the #2 slot. The .coms swept 16 of 20 chart entries with the non .com gTLDs taking the other four (one of those was a five-figure new gTLD sale). That left the ccTLDs empty handed, something we don’t see happen very often. You can get all of the details here:
Looks like a member here sold for $4,000 - great sale.

Also, sold for $2,160.



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