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For those of you who know Marie Forleo and have heard of the B-school that she runs, do you think that it would be helpful for someone who is new to internet marketing or is it better just to start small and teach yourself as you go along?


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I hadn't heard of Marie Forleo before up until now. In my opinion, it would be great to look through the testimonials, go through the video overview then go ahead and make a choice. I believe that the cost will also be something to factor in as well.


The cost is the reason you look for testimonials. If I'm going to spend $2,000 on something like this, you darned tooting I'm going to look deep into it.

It looks like it's legitimate though.


Unfortunately we live in an age where people can easily buy social proof and testimonials, and you just can't trust that stuff anymore. Personally, I would only go for it if there was some sort of free trial or a money back guarantee in case I wasn't satisfied.


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We had reached out to marie for our domain B-school :)

She's appeared on Oprah and we have seen few of her videos and it all seems legit. Do let us know how it went for you.


This is a perfect example of how you want offline and personal reviews from people in real life. Think about it. She is into internet marketing, and one aspect of marketing online, ethical or otherwise, is to pay for positive online reviews.


In the end I didn't opt to go into B-school. I don't think that the price is reasonable at all - I don't care how big a guru you're supposed to be.


Marie Forleo is a big name, and she charges according to what she knows she's worth. I think that if you can afford it it could be worth your while because from what I read online a lot of her students have gone on to become millionaires using the techniques that she teaches.
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