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What do you guys think of this method as a way of enhancing performance? I am one of those people that are likely to click on a video rather than read something on a site. Are videos also likely to slow down your site?


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I like the video idea but it has to be quality videos. Are you authoring your own or having it created for you? A quality video is much more interesting and entertaining than reading an article. You should not experience a slow down unless you are having hundreds of visitors clicking on the video at the same time. If you are having that kind of problem, then you need to upgrade your site speed anyway.


I think that video advertising is a good idea, especially because there's a greater exposure. An online video will be available on a desktop or on your mobile phone. At times, a problem could arise if the target market prefers the more traditional methods.


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The video might slow down the site, but the best way for the engagement. Nowadays many sites put intro video on the homepage which starts automatically. And people who don't like it will simply pause/stop it.
Using JS you can start the video after the whole site is loaded. Rarely people will start the video themselves, better we allow them to stop it if they don't like it. :)


It is a tough call. It all comes down to what you believe your viewership will like. Is it a demographic that likes videos better than text?


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I believe that usually it is a younger crowd that likes videos instead of text. Kind of like reading a book, Old School people like me want to hold a book in their hands and flip the pages. I would much rather read a book than read a computer screen. But alas, I have to force myself being a domainer :(


Can't you just host the videos on YouTube and use their server power? Most sites I've come across use either YouTube or Vimeo to do the heavy lifting.


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Did some research after seeing your post @Parth I thought youtube for business was a paid option. Seems I am not correct. You can create a business account and host videos for free on youtube. Payment is only to boost (advertise) to more audiences. My biggest concern is that could change at anytime and add additional costs of doing business. Until that happens or until the cost is too much, youtube sounds like a good alternative to video hosting. I did read that YouTube is owned by Google and as a search engine Google tends to show youtube videos over videos from other platforms. Definitely something to consider for video hosting!


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I second you @JackD and I think that using YouTube is a good option, for the time being. I am sure that there are quite a number of business people out there that don't know of this option. Do the automated videos really work? I never pay attention to them.

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In today’s fast-paced, ever-expanding world of advertising, more and more businesses jump on the bandwagon of adding video content to their webpage.

1. Visual experience
2. Personality
3. On-Demand
4. Social media
5. SEO
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