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I'm considering selling a very active forum to pursue some other interests. This forum is a premium domain name and receives roughly 800 unique visitors a day with zero advertising and zero link marketing. It's been a hobby of mine that I have yet to really monetize.

It's a philosophy forum that was registered in 2002 is the domain name and the forum. I will not sell this to just anyone, they should have an interest in Philosophy and that's why I posted it here on the The site is set up well and there is some cleaning up to do and integration of a few things before completion. We have no spam on this forum and have nearly stopped all spam registrations and have a great group of moderators. Members have been pruned down to reflect accuracy and proper emails.

I will offer to continue to moderate and will host this site for 3 months, after that I can recommend hosting if needed.

This is simply a feeler. Again, I'm not pressed to sell but to the right person I'd consider it. The domain is valued at over $4000 IMHO and was purchased from a few years ago. No punters. PM me a private offer. BIN not yet determined.

This is a great opportunity for someone with an interest in Philosophy. Take a look around, register if you'd like to see more features and we'll go from there. Feel free to PM me questions or ask them in this thread.

I realize this isn't exactly a formal website sale and it's not meant to be. If it's meant to sell, the right person will come along. If not then that's OK too.

I've disabled the Limited Guest Viewing component which limits guests to view 5 pages before they are asked to register.

Domains that go with: .mobi, .info, .in, and ThePhilosophyForum dot com
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I won't make a bid as it wouldn't likely reflect the value behind your site.

Nevertheless, I am very interested in what you have created and I'm open to ideas about a fair trade for both of us.

In return, I can help you achieve success in your future goals. Let it be by promotion on some of my websites with a high number of daily visitors or hosting at a dedicated server for an extensive period of time.

If you're interested, let's talk - drop me a PM.

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Best wishes for sale your websites and placing it into the right hands. I would try to buy your site. Earlier I visited this site, really this is active forum and good to buy.
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