Verisign gets patent for generating Pronounceable domain names


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Patent describes method of generating made up words that can be pronounced.
.Com registry Verisign has obtained U.S. patent number 9,218,334 for “Pronounceable domain names”.

The patent describes a method of generating domain names that can be pronounced. Verisign explains that while many short domain names are registered, there are still short domains that can be pronounced that can be registered.

"Short domain names are popular because they can be catchy and easier to remember than longer domain names. However, when seeking to register a new domain name, many people argue that the .COM zone is full, and that there are no good domain names left. This is far from the truth. Although many domain names that contain dictionary words may be registered, statistically there remain a large number of unregistered and available domain names of different character lengths, many of which may be pronounceable. While some of these unregistered domain names may be nonsensical strings of characters, many of them may be easy to use and potentially could be popular and successful domain names if someone were to put marketing and brand name behind them. One example of this is While the word google was not previously a word, it has now become a word."
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