Verisign Expects Higher Non-Renewal Rates From Chinese Investors


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Verisign reported its earnings for the 4th quarter of 2015 and financial results for 2015.

In the earnings call today, Verisign made some interesting comments about that huge volume of .Com domain name registration we saw from Asia the 4th quarter of 2015:

Bottom line Verisign expects those domain names registered in the 4th quarter, which those in the domain investor community, know consisted of a lot of numeric domain names going into the 8,9 and even 10 digits long, and domain names containing random letters as well as number and letter combo domain names to renew at lower levels, even saying the 4th Q of 2016 might see the number of domain “deletions could exceed additions”:

“Towards the end of the third quarter and mainly during the first two months of the fourth quarter, we saw higher volume of gross additions coming largely in our Asia-Pacific region, primarily through registrars in China.

While we believe China and the Asia-Pacific region will continue to perform well, we expect these markets to return to more normal levels in 2016.



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