Valuations are giving good boost to GoDaddy auction


Several months ago, GoDaddy Auctions added an “Estimated Value” column to its auction pages. Based on my own observations, I think this addition has considerably boosted auction revenue for the company.

I have two saved searches I use just about every morning at GoDaddy Auctions. One of the searches has nothing to do with the number of bids placed. I used the advanced search functionality to create a specialized search based on a variety of parameters I set. I would guesstimate there are between 150 – 300 domain names that come up each day in this particular search. Typically, only a handful of domain names would have bids, but it appears to me that there are many more auctions with bids these days and I attribute it to the Estimated Value column.

I find myself using the Estimated Value column when I am searching for names to bid on at auction. It is a quick way to highlight the better domain names in a search result. I don’t really rely on the tool to tell me what a domain name is actually worth or how much I could get by selling it, but it seems to be a pretty good way to search based on what GoDaddy says is more valuable.

When doing a sort based on the Estimated Value (from high to low), it is pretty obvious that the higher valued names tend to have more bids. This could be because those are obviously better names, but I would guess it is also because people are using this column in the same way I use it.

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its getting obvious that the domain industry is going to need some sort of standardized value estimator. There is a good chance Godaddy might be the first to succeed at making this happen. I think a reliable standardized domain value estimator is good for our industry. people loved to complain about estibot and highlight the outlier prices it suggested, but it had a good impact on the industry in general.
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