Useful thing when selling to Indian end users.


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I found the following thing to be also useful when selling to Indian end users:

Indian end user approached me to buy one of my .in domains (it was $1,000+). After the sale was cleared, I've emailed him, just in case, the list of my domains for sale, and few days later he got back buying another .in domain from the list I sent him, which was in some extent close to the buyer's business field. Moreover, he wrote he might be interested in buying more domains from me in the future.

This brings two positive signs to me:

1. It is good idea to send list of domains for sale to interested Indian buyers so they could take a look and buy more if they like, and

2. Some Indian end users have pretty advanced understanding of importance of right domains for their business so they are willing to buy more than just one domain.

Hope this can be useful for all .in domainers. If it was noted already anywhere on the forum, Jeff feel free to remove the older post :)


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