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I would like to solicit inputs on what companies(services) you use for developing your minisites and what has your experience been with them.

I am considering using Aeiou.com (partners of Rick Latona?). Their services seem reasonably good and the websites they have developed are well designed, content rich and they claim good placement in search engines, generally in the first two pages.

Aeiou.com sent out a newsletter that they were offering a minisite development for 10 domains at $1690 as against their standard price of $2050. The discount offer is open only for 48hrs, and the clock started ticking about 12hrs ago (thus this request is "Urgent").

I am hoping to take the limited offer, but would like your feedback regarding either their service or other services you have used/ heard of.

Thanks in advance.


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IMO those sites have a look of sameness...& no privacy policy...

why not learn WP/Joomla or pay someone?



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Hi Corey,

I don't know how to build my websites using WP or Joomla - will be good to learn how to do that quickly.

This service from aeiou includes web design, seo and content writing as well. Thus seems a good packaged service. Regarding privacy policy, their typical sites do not require any client information to have a privacy policy. One can always request a page to have such a page or edit content to include it.

I hoped to get reasonable inputs from site members here... but only your reply so far :-(

Thanks again.


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Monetising any minisites using Adsense only will not be very easy, you have to keep costs low.


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Thanks Dnk.

I understand that one has to recover the costs and the adsense route might take time. But can you please elaborate on your point if there are other reasons for your comment?


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Many webmasters using Adsense have reported a drop in their earnings over the last year, so it may take a long time to recover your investment.


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due to the world economic crisis parking & adsense revienue is down, but like with everything else..there is a beginning & end.

Developing names is the way forward.

You could use adsense plus sell text links.



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I've bought a minisite through aeiou and I was satisfied with the work they did.

They do precisely what they say.

It's a decent enough first step to take. It should improve your earnings a bit over parking, but don't expect anything dramatic.

All in all, the discount sounds like a decent offer - and getting a minisite is a good way to lay the foundation for a more full blown website.


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Corey, your sites look good. I hope to get the sites developed by aeiou and learn thru managing them.

Jeff, thanks for your feedback on aeiou's service. I just signed up for their discount offer for 10 sites. Hope this will give me a good platform for future.



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Good luck with this! It would be interesting if you could post some stats in the future to see how this works out.


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6 months down the line it is pathetic - pennies every month - no improvement in traffic or revenue. And AIEOU is out of business!!

So, this is another lessons learned for 2009!
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