Urgent appraisal- Of this domain im planning to buy!

at SEDO i found plugin.com and made offer of $60 - which was accepted.
now the seller makes a counter offer of 900,000 EUR..

NOTE: The seller’s currency is EUR.

Currently the equivalent of 900,000 EUR is approx. 1,330,920 USD.

I tried to justify my point that no body can ever make even half of what he demands in the next 20 yrs of business selling script plugins and if he wants he is free to make that 900,000 EUR in parking PPC revenue and keep the domain with himself for many more years rather than sell it at 900,000 EUR which i thought will make him understand my reason why im not paying so much. but he still makes the same counter offer.

Do you think his price is justified? its almost equivalent to approx. 1,330,920 USD. for the domain and it will be around 6,65,46,000 (6.66 Crore Indian Rupees) for that domain only... GOD only knows how much i will be able to earn with setting up a biz online and running for next 20 yrs on that domain... the seller's counter offer price is something which i dont think will be covered even in 50 yrs of business properly on that domain.

How much do you appraise Plugin.com for? i will be selling script plugins - say vbulletin plugins, wordpress plugins over there.. for long term business.

I need your appraisals.. to help me make the decision in few more days.
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When you take into account the stats below, I think your offer of $60 is way too low, and the seller's asking price of $1.3M is too high. :eek:

Some stats to consider:
- Website is a PR5
- Alexa rank of 201,069
- On Google, there are 113,000,000 results for "plugin"
- Plugin.com has 73 backlinks on Google
- On Google, Plugin.com doesn't rank on the first page for "plugin"
- On Google Adwords, local search volume in September for "plugin" was 18,100 (exact match)
- In 2009, Plugincars.com sold for $15,000 via Sedo
- In 2009, Plugin.to sold for $1,000 via Sedo
- In 2008, Plugin.net sold for $1,005 via Snapnames

Abhishek, it's not clear to me, does the domain come with a business/website? If so, I think there's some kind of formula to apply based on the earnings/potential earnings of the business (I don't remember the exact formula though!).

I don't know, but perhaps your low offer of $60 made the seller overreact with his/her asking price? :eek:


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I assume the domain is high xx,xxx atleast if not 6 figures.

Having said that, it isnt difficult to get a pr 5 and a decent domain with the word plugin in it if you are willing to spend x,xxx

Focus on getting a decent domain and spend your money on technology.

AD.com was sold for a mere 1.4 million $ and plugin.com is nowhere close to a 2 letter dot com.

LLL.in King

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$60 is a ridiculously low offer for a strong one word .com. $1.3M on the other hand is too high(as Ceres rightly stated). I appraise plugin.com at very high $xx,xxx to mid $xxx,xxx
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The owner really got offended by that offer of $60.00

I agree with Ace. It is an insulting offer, and that's why the owner responded that way.

I'd peg Plugin.com at mid to high $xx,xxx.

If you are looking for something cheaper, I'd look for a two word dot com that includes the word Plugin.
well.. firstly he set no minimum reserve price, so i could make any offer starting sedo's minimum $60.. so it was his fault in the first place and so he should not be getting offended for that.
secondly i too would believe its worth high xx,xxx which would be say 50 Lakhs INR and he is just having a blog/minisite with no ads over the domain, he isnt selling any ready-made-business with it.. its just another wordpress blog and that too he isnt selling the blog... he's just selling the domain.. no website included!

but finally the seller ran out of luck.. i will tell you what happened later at today's evening over here! the climax of the story is yet to be uncovered...
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ok its evening & now im coming back to the climax...

i registered buyplugins.com today at 6PM - for it was just what i wanted my site visitors to do.. i wanted them to buy all my plugins.. ya whatever i sell there..! xD

now you need to appraise buyplugins.com coz i will definitely have a competition with buyplugin.com just the way hotscripts.com has with hotscript.com, sitepoint.com has with sitepoints.com. i mean one of them is always parked and undeveloped and the other will be developed to compete. well dont know why but i always felt that buyplugins.com was the better one of the two.

so now the seller(of plugin.com) doesnt need to be angry and make faces at me.. xD coz he has been saved from selling his million dollar domain for just $60 where as i too became happy by registering for less than $9 with one free whoisguard and one year free comodo 128 bit ssl certificate normally worth $49/p/yr included.

so when all's well.. ends well..!
happy ending!
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I see you've got it listed on Sedo for $1000...

Probably domaining heresy, but you can be successful without a great domain name. A great domain name is a helpful marketing tool, helpful for SEO, and adds credibility to your business. Obviously, there is more than one way to skin a cat though, or to set up a successful website.

Good luck with your new website! I hope that it works out well. Post it here once it's complete.
Jeff.. i wanted to thank you twice..
First & most importantly for telling me about the SEDO listing.. because i really didn't list my domain: buyplugins.com at sedo at all.. somebody else has made a fake-listing or maybe the domain's previous owner has listed it there.. but the domain expired and i hand-registered it yesterday evening.. so i have sent a complaint to sedo to get the domain removed as it now belongs to me and i had registered it myself.. i didnt buy or list it there you see!
and secondly for the encouraging statements and your good luck & best wishes to me!
I will definitely post information here about when this website completes and additionally I have many more websites too coming up shortly just before that which I will list at inforum. so there's gonnabe more surprises waiting around the corner for all here.
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