Unemployed Group, in California, USA, Seeking Video Conference Contact


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Unemployed Group, in California, USA, Seeking Video Conference Contact With English Speaking Unemployed Goup -In India:


We are a group of about 10 unemployed technical, managerial, and professionals, meet every Tuesday morning, 7:00am - 8:30am, Pacific time (= 6:30pm - 8:00pm, Monday evening, Indian Standard time), at an internet cafe, in Alameda, California, USA.

And we would like to devote the first half hour of our meetings to a video conference (Skype or Yahoo! Messenger), with a sister group in India.

We enjoy good coffee, and try to make humor out of hardship. We encourage each other to openly express our feelings, and especially, to assist each other in finding employment. We meet early in the morning, so as not to interfere in prime job hunting hours.

Our group desires to connect with a like-minded group, in India, since the time zones seem to work out well.

We feel that exposure to the unemployment problems of others, abroad, will give everyone a better understanding and acceptance of the worldwide economic crisis and instill a positive sense of a global community.

We are on Pacific Standard Time (PST), which is, this time of year, 12.5 hours behind Indian Standard Time (= GMT + 5.5).

Our technical setup is simple: A laptop/video camera connected to either Skype or Yahoo! Messenger.
The video conference is limited to 2 users, due to our computer / wi-fi limitations.

Here is our Yahoo! webspace:
javasuccess : The Java Success Team

We look forward to hearing from you!

- Java Success Team


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This is a wonderful opportunity! I would like to join in the session and participate in the discussions!!!

Good luck and hope to catch up with all of you!



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Contact me and we'll do a test video conference, before our meeting, as there will be, invariably, bugs to be worked out.

My Skype as well as Yahoo! Messenger contact info is also listed.

Likewise, send me your contact information, as your link doesn't seem to be a personal one.

We look forward to hearing from you.
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