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Understanding the basics of an escrow service is one thing, but what difference does it make to have a lawyer escrow service to work with. As someone who works at Escrow.Domains under the law firm of Greenberg & Lieberman, it has allowed me insight as to the differences having a lawyer to help settle any issues that arise.

An internet or domain name escrow, as with conventional escrow, involves depositing money or assets in the control of a licensed independent third party in order to protect both buyer and seller in a domain name transaction. The transaction is completed when both parties confirm that all terms of the escrow agreement have been met, and then the money is released. Each escrow through G&L, however, includes legal advice on the legal terms applicable. With an attorney escrow for both domain names as well as other assets G&L can provide you with the knowledge and security to make your transaction a pleasant and smooth experience.

If a disagreement arises, the Escrow Agent holds the money and/or assets while the disagreement is resolved. Once the situation is resolved escrow ends, and this third-party delivers the escrowed items as specified in the escrow agreement


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