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Pantaloon has won yet another domain via the INDRP. This time the domain is

The trademark in question is UMM Underground Music Movement (ie not just "UMM"). Pantaloon does not own the trademark but has a license to use the mark. They received authorization from the registered owner to file a complaint against the registration of

Unfortunately, the respondent did not file a response.

The Arbitrator stated:

It may be mentioned that since the Respondent did not file any response and rebut the contentions of the Complainant, it is safe to conclude that the primafacie case has been made out by the Complainant to establish that it has better and prior rights in the trademark UMM. Further, the Respondent not having used the mark or established its legitimate rights or interests in the mark, an adverse inference as to their adoption of an identical domain name has to be drawn.


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