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There was an article about .com domain names in the “UK’s best selling financial magazine,MoneyWeek. The dotcom frenzy is far from over, written by Dominic Frisby, discusses how valuable exceptional .com domain names are right now and how expensive they can be to acquire. I think the author is on point, and some of the insights he shared are factors in my own domain name acquisition strategy.

Within the article, Evergreen COO Jen Sale is quoted extensively. I presume Mr. Frisby spent a fair amount of time discussing domain names with her, and it was a wise move to get her expert thoughts on the state of the .com domain name market. I understand that Evergreen has been involved in quite a few substantial domain name sales and acquisitions during the prior two years, and Jen has a good pulse of the state of the market.

I recommend that you read the article in its entirety, but I shared a few quotes from the article for your convenience:

  • “Domain names remain hot commodities.”
  • “Thus the vast majority of popular one-word “.com” names can only be obtained on the secondary market, with prices starting in the tens of thousands all the way up to the tens of millions.”
  • “Given that individual words have all mostly gone, the aftermarket is where the big trading goes on. Sales of domain names have now generated more than $1.5bn. “
  • “However, “.com” is still the Oxford Street of domain names. According to sales reports, the most valuable domain names to own include short English dictionary words, number combinations and one-to-two character “.com” variations. “

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