Two stolen three-letter domains returned via UDRP

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    Panels order and to be transferred back to their previous owners.

    Two three-letter domain names that were allegedly stolen from their owners have been returned through cybersquatting claims under UDRP.

    In separate decisions, a panel awarded the transfer of to Energias de Portugal, S.A. and to Liberty Global, Inc.

    The case is somewhat odd because the alleged theft took place back in 2014. The complainant says it tried to recover the domain through a complaint to ICANN but was rebuffed. It’s unclear why the company waited so long to file a UDRP.

    In the case, Liberty Global alleged that the domain name was stolen near the end of 2015. It may have just become aware of the theft recently; the thief offered to sell the domain name back to it in August for $42,500.

    Domain Name Wire