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I am developing to hopefully become the #1 translation website for the Indian market.

If you run a translation service in India or know of a good one please PM me and I'd be happy to add it to the site.

I have been contacting companies all over India and want to have a great database of reliable companies for the launch of the site.

I will offer all INForum members 50%-off our advertising rates if anyone wants to advertise with us as we launch on October 1st.

PM me was well for a link to the preview of the site!


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Okay, you probably have a bigger vision but this is what i would do if i were you.

Offer translate plugins for major platforms like vbulletin, wordpress, phpbb, joomla, drupal etc to webmasters. One for vbulletin is available on

php encode footer, get backlink and put a rotator link ad for each category. So if I am translating it to hindi, serve an ad of a hindi company.

On put a low cost low feature version of google adsense where people can buy footer links on millions of sites that deploy your plugin.

Much more revenue according to me.
Thanks for all the great comments. I am already using the Google Translate API - you can read more about the work I've done on my site in this blog post.

When the site is done I plan to use many different forms of monetization outside of Google Adsense.

I will not be putting plugins on the site as this is not a site for web developers but instead focused on providing Indian businesses with translation services.

When developing a site it is always essential that you completely understand who your target market is. If you stray too far from that market it could cause people to become confused and miss the main purpose of the site.

My company, Linton Investments, designs SEO Optimized websites as well as provides SEO consulting and Domain Brokerage so we have a lot of experience with projects like this.

Very excited to share the end result with all of you!
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