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It seems that some sites have a lower hosting fee for the first year, going up at the beginning of your 2nd year. Some people say that they don't like to transfer sites and stick with the higher fee instead of going somewhere cheaper. Would you stick with a higher fee or transfer to a hosting site with a smaller fee?


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Well, I don't like transferring sites or rather, I dislike that process of looking for another web host. All the same, if I found out this information after settling for a host, I'd look for a cheaper option. This would also depend on the margin of increase.


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As long as you have a good backup of your website, transferring to another host should not be an issue. If it is a website builder type site then the effort to move should not be taken lightly. The savings would have to be huge for me to undertake a total website rebuild.


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I agree with you @JackD that switching hosts shouldn't be a big issue. Though I've never done it myself, I've heard it said that when purchasing a new web host, it is important to register your domain to a third party provider. This will help avert complications and make the process of switching hosts (in the future) easier, if and when the need arises. Your thoughts?


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I've heard it said that when purchasing a new web host, it is important to register your domain to a third party provider. This will help avert complications and make the process of switching hosts (in the future) easier
Yes, I agree. A third party provider of the domain registration does not care where you host your site. Problems will arise if the host and domain are tied together in special deals. Some hosting providers offer free domain registration if you host with them. In cases like this, you may lose your domain name if you try to move your website to a new host. I never tie a domain registration to a hosting provider. Keeping them separate may cost a little more but it is well worth it.


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I think the cut-throat competition is forcing companies and businesses to improvise creative ways of tying customers to their products. I would never go for the idea of free domain registration if it was hinged on such conditions.
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