Tracing Why A Domain Name Expires Can Be Interesting


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Expired domain names are interesting! So how and why do domain names expire?

Domain names require an annual renewal fee and if not paid in a timely manner, they reach several phases of expired status. Some domain names are auctioned at a registrar like GoDaddy for an example and some reach PendingDelete status and are released from the registry.

I think most domain investors see a domain name in an expired list and simply see it as that. An expired domain! Most do not look at the domain name any further. What was it used for prior? Who owned it? Why did it expire anyway?

I do a lot of research and general “further looking” and sometimes the history of an expired domain name is pretty interesting.

So what are some common reasons a domain name expires?

  • The past owner didn’t need it any more and may not have considered it to be an asset or something they could “sell”.
  • Bounced email notification of the domain expiring
  • Expired email address associated with the domain / account
  • Expired credit card on file for an “auto renew” feature
  • Lost in the mix

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