Top Level Design, the .gay registry,is set to launch the .gay domains

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Top Level Design, the .gay registry, is preparing for the launch of .gay domain names on October 11th, 2019.

This past week, they convened an advisory council meeting within community members to better refine the mission and purpose of .gay.

Some questions they wanted to address were:

  • Who could benefit from the use of a .gay domain name?

  • How is the .gay domain going to fit in greater LGBTQ2SIA+ community?

  • What is our mission statement and purpose as we launch the .gay domain name?
Some of the themes they identified as a group included:

Privacy & Safety
How would they handle situations of protecting people’s privacy and ensuring that .gay is a safe space on the internet?

Corporate Responsibility
How would they ensure that our company acts in a responsible way when issues arise from the abuse of .gay domain names?

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